The art of the watch maker

Many people are wearing them around their wrists: watches. But hardly anybody thinks about how they are actually fabricated, how much devotion and patience it takes a watch maker to put all the screws, tiny parts and springs together to finally turn it all into a little watch work which almost perpetually moves to show us all the correct time on the spot. For that reason, this overview shows which achievements have been made in watch manufacturing in the last decades and centuries.


Taking a look at Omega watches – which is one of the most important high-end watch manufacturers in the world, one can say that this company has invented and produced the most famous chronograph, namely the OMEGA Speedmaster, which has become the top device for the space missions performed by the NASA. The precision of these pieces comes from the high-end technology used in these chronographs. Having developed high-end calibers or the co-axial escapement, the company has set landmarks in watch manufacturing as a whole.  


Another company which is very famous and popular among watch enthusiasts is Panerai, which is operating from Milan and Neuchatel. It has also brought forward chronographs and has gained recent success with its diving watches resisting pressures existent at 1000 meters water depth.


A very young and upcoming watch brand is Richard Mille which has produced futuristic high-end timepieces since the turn of the millennium. Already the design of the watch cases is considered to be one of the most complicated processes. It takes 68 stamping operations to prepare the basic forms – all before the actual cutting. That complication is meant to hint at the complications which can be found inside the watch – invisible to the eye.


Thus, every high-end watch company has its own particularities and can be appreciated as one of the most valuable businesses in today’s manufacturing of time-telling devices.

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